Located: Fishers, IN. Phone: +1-317-577-5799. Email: info.jumpforjoy@yahoo.com

Indiana's Premiere

Party Entertainment

Jump and Hop

  • Say Hello 1:48
  • I Want a Brand New Teddy Bear2:57
  • Chugga Chugga Train 3:30
  • The Opposite Song2:21
  • So You Want to Be a Pirate2:35
  • Why Don't You Dance With Me?2:10
  • Share My Cookie2:23
  • Bubbles2:03
  • The Achoo Polka3:18
  • I Want a Pet2:00
  • Walking In the Sun3:17
  • I Like to Dress Up Like a Cowboy on Saturdays3:40
  • The Goodbye Song0:49
  • The Goobye Song (Instrumental)1:18